The Power Of Planning [Fitness Goals]

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Do you know anyone that LOVES to plan for a vacation? I'm sure you do cuz we all do!

When we're planning for something like a vacation the whole process just seems to be better doesn't it? Even when it becomes a headache it's still better.

Why is that?

Some would say, "obviously because it's planning for fun."

Is it alright if we talk about some deep stuff for a minute?

We're in it to win it right? So let's dive deep right now!

Sure the pain of planning may take on a different meaning because it's for something we consider fun but that's it right there!

The highlight moment here is when we some how, some way manage to attach a greater meaning to a measure of "suffering."

We all know that life comes complete with hardships and moments that will seem like they're killing us. Yet with all of the "suffering" we keep moving.

So why do we do it?

There are a few things going on here let's take a look:

  • we are creating a process with a known outcome
  • the process is difficult but we can always "see the light at the end of the tunnel"
  • we know planning takes time so we take it one step at a time
  • we have an end goal that we are constantly focused on

The things on this list probably seem obvious but they hold much value.

Let's bring this back into the real world now.

What if we applied these things that we've already done and are familiar with to other areas of our life.

The power of planning is strong when we change our perspective.

It seems that most people find taking care of their health/body/fitness SO much harder than, let's say planning for a vacation. The reality is that this changes when our perception changes.

The Take Away:
What could happen if we harnessed a new perspective on things we've already experienced and triumphed over and then applied that to those things we find difficult?
Whether we have a goal to shed a few pounds of body fat, set a new squat record or just fit into some of our old clothes USE what you have; there's so much ammunition we have if we take the time to look.
No matter how great we may feel sometimes in the light of our accomplishments there will be times that bring us down. How we react to those instances makes all the difference in the world.
The Plan:
One of my favorite quotes reads "The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today" ~ Malcolm X, 1962.
We've all planned for something before. It's time to bring everything we've ever wanted into reality. It's time to plan for it. you've already done it, just repeat the process. Fitness goals, health goals and the like all require consistent action according to a plan. This is in much the same way a building requires consistent construction according to a plan in order to create something structurally sound and sustainable.
The Goal:
I challenge you to take 2-3mins out of your day to create a rough draft of your plan.
Start with a goal and then backwards plan what you believe it might take to reach that goal in a given amount of time.
Remember to be specific just like you would be when planning a special restaurant to go to on vacation; you wouldn't just write "go to restaurant at 6pm" now would you?!
Once you feel comfortable with what you've got implement it.


Be Great friends.

Thanks always, talk soon!

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