Stay On Track With Your Fitness Goals

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We all get caught in the fray at some point: The things that cause us to "fall off the wagon" and keep us from our health and fitness goals.

It happens to everyone, it's true. However, the real test is what we do when we fall into this state.

The fray can be defined as those situations that test us emotionally and mentally. These are some times real battles that can really have a taxing effect on us.

These challenges are a given but let's talk about solutions.

We can never predict when we'll be hit by challenges but we CAN prepare for them.

We must become proactive in strengthening out mindset when we "feel good" so that when we need to call upon our strength we have it at the ready.

This is how we can train our mind to stay consistent, stay disciplined and stay positive.

Here are some steps to start or include in your mindset training:
  • Develop and write down your vision-the big picture of your life-this is key to be able to "predict" your results-you must know where you are going
  • Engage in materials that are in the direction you want to go-read materials, look at pictures or talk with people that are in line with the result you want
  • Fully accept the fact that without challenge we cannot grow-we must embrace the process and challenge in order to stay on point
  • Develop a routine-a list of daily practices that will keep us on task-every great body was built on a predictable routine-this is a must

    We can never be immune to challenge but we can set ourselves up for success. Diet and exercise are keys that must also be implemented along side mental training but without mental training the mind becomes weak and falls back into it's old poor habits. I hope you find these tips helpful!

    Be great friends.

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