Hey and Welcome Everyone!

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Welcome to the very first blog post from Power|Love|Discipline Apparel! We’re stoked to have you here!
As you can see from all the exclamation points this is super exciting for us. We recognize what a privilege it is to have an outlet to provide more value to the world with simple yet insightful articles.

The whole purpose of this company is to not only provide a tangible representation of personal values and of course, kickass workout gear but also to equip the world with tools/strategies to continue constant growth.

What can you expect from this blog?
The body is literally our lifeline and how we care for it (or don’t care for it) will eventually effect our life overall. PLD is deep rooted in the growth and performance of the human body. We LOVE pushing to the limit. With that being said, it is our purpose to provide relevant, actionable information concerning the maintenance and physical performance of this body. However, we also go one step further (or many  steps further if we carefully examine the fitness industry) and also emphasize the fact that NOTHING can be accomplished without harnessing the power of the mind; especially when it comes to physical improvement.

When should you expect posts?
For the time being you should expect one post per month. This is honestly simply due to time constraints but will conveniently allow time to reflect on whatever the subject matter presents; so looks like a good thing!

We’ll stop there for now in order to keep this short and sweet. We hope that you enjoy the information we intend to provide here and hope that you share your wins with us as you pursue what you love! Feel free to leave comments below!

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